Ferrari GTC4Lusso Expected in February, 2017 in India: Four Seat Grand Tourer May Come Under Rs 5 Crores

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is required to dispatch in India in February, 2017 . The new four-situate Grand Tourer is a successor to the Ferrari FF, whose FF postfix remains for Ferrari Four as it has four seats and gloats of a four-wheel drive. The Ferrari FF was the primary creation four-wheel drive display financially propelled by the Italian symbol. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso was initially uncovered at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Specs and Features

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso gloats of the same 6.2-liter V12 motor that additionally controlled its ancestor, the Ferrari FF. Some pinch tuck has been performed on the motor, in any case, raising its specs amazingly. The most extreme power stands now at 690PS alongside 697Nm of pinnacle torque, as reported by Ferrari in a public statement said here. This implies a 0-100kmph time of a minor 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 335kmph. The four seater Ferrari holds the all-wheel drive setup and acquires the recently patented Ferrari 4RM-S (four-wheel drive and guiding) from its cousin, the Ferrari F12tdf. The 4RM-S framework works a couple with Slip Side Control 4.0, another recently protected Ferrari advancement for better and more secure street hold while incorporating the electronic differential and versatile dampers to keep this steed dancing on paying little heed to the surface it is driven on.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Design


The Ferrari GTC4Lusso looks impressive. Ferrari Design has found a way to guarantee that the GTC4Lusso is a further refinement of the shooting brake car while holding a streamlined and decreasing plan, reinterpreting and refining the vehicle. Changes have been made on the styling and the front-end of the auto. The bending rooftop has been brought down to guarantee better space and augmented solace for travelers. Ferrari’s mark twin back lights decorate the tail. The strong way of the auto is underlined when seen from the sides too.


A Dual Cockpit engineering is seen on the GTC4Lusso. Exceptional accentuation has been laid on the inside styling of the auto to make each ride appear to be unique. Wraparound seats ensure every one of the four inhabitants get uncommon solace and room making basically a lounge room and not only an auto. The GTC4Lusso likewise makes a big appearance the new Infotainment stage highlighting a 10.25″ HD screen with capacitive touch innovation. The new guiding wheel is more conservative because of a littler airbag and the incorporated controls are extremely ergonomic. The insides are basically without physical catches with the screen serving as the main UI in many cases. Ferrari will anticipate enhancing its roadster notoriety after reports developed of flawed airbags in some 2016-2017 models of the GTC4Lusso.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Launch Dates and Price

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is coming to India in February, 2017 and is required to be evaluated around or lower than Rs. 5 crores. The auto was first observed at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show and had wowed everybody then. Indian client won’t be baffled, we accept. The car has a high ground freedom which will make it run delightfully on Indian streets.

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